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Welcome to Anderton Hall Recovery
Anderton Hall Recovery are a company specialising in all aspects of corporate & personal debt management, including; 
Individual Voluntary Arrangements (IVA), Company Voluntary Arrangements (CVA), Liquidations, Bankruptcies, Debt Restructuring and Business Recovery.
We will ensure that you receive the correct advice from the outset and discuss the benefits & downsides of any possible solutions. 
Personal Debt
We are an Insolvency Practice who can help individuals with debts that they are struggling to repay by putting together individual voluntary arrangements with their creditors.  These are legally binding on the debtor & creditors.  A significant proportion of your debts could be written off subject to creditors agreement. We can do this if you are trading, in a partnership or simply employed.  There are a number of solutions to each individual's problems.  At Anderton Hall Recovery we can offer solutions to meet your needs.
Company Debt
We are licensed insolvency practitioners who work with directors of limited companies to assess the viability of a business.  Can the business be saved and the debts restructured?  Is a refinancing package needed?  Do we need to liquidate the company allowing those concerned to start afresh?  Anderton Hall Recovery offers professional advice and a range of solutions to resolve company debt.
Our first consultation is free.  It can be in your home, place of work or simply by telephone.
Any future charges will be discussed beforehand but often your creditors will bear the costs and there is no payment for our services from you directly.
Next Steps
Debt restructuring is a complex matter.  You need to get the best available, independent advice to make sure you know all the options that are open to you.  For free, confidential advice contact Anderton Hall Recovery on:
Call 01204 548930
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